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What are Crêpes?

Since its invention in Brittany, France, in the early 12th century, the crepe has been a favorite of many.
On February 2nd, which is Candlemas (La Chandeleur), crêpes are customarily offered in France.
Originally called Virgin Mary’s Blessing Day, this day is now more commonly referred to as “The Day of the Crêpes” in France

Gelasius I, the Roman Pope, served Crispus (later spelled Crêpes) to French visitors celebrating the Chandeleur at Rome in 472.

They carried the custom back to France along with the myth that, if one held a coin in their left hand and flipped a crêpe in a pan with their right hand, they would become wealthy for a year.

Sweet Crêpes

Paris Rendez-vous offers authentic hand-made French crepes for all of Phoenix and Scottsdale’s gourmets and gluttons.

Sweet or Savory?

One of the best things about crepes is that you can make them savory to use as a wrap for vegetables or your favorite protein or sweet like a dessert. Crepes are a great option for a light meal, dinner, or my preferred breakfast. They have a wide range of applications and are incredibly adaptable.

Crepes are much simpler to create than ordinary pancakes or traditional wheat wraps and do not add as many pounds.